One of my final projects to complete my Bachelor's degree was the development of my personal brand. This project went beyond the development of a personal logo and print collateral and challenged me to take an introspective approach to develop what traits I would like potential clients and employers to identify with my brand.
Shown below are different pieces used in my design process and the finished assets that establish my brand.
Finalized style tile developed to help guide the design process and establish the overall tone of the project. Keywords used were modern, enduring, professional.

When visual elements are too close to the logo, it can take away from the page hierarchy or create brand confusion. For this reason, an "exclusion zone," or area around the mark, provides helpful guidance. The diagram above shows how the exclusion zone is constructed.

The brand color palette is simple and sophisticated. The use of shades and tones of blue and charcoal grey create a striking contrast that pairs well with white. It also affords the brand flexibility without sacrificing brand recognition. The predominant color in most layouts should be white. With plenty of white space, communications feel clean and modern.

Download brand documents here: Resumé, Letterhead, Business Card
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