I was contacted by the supervisor of the Ellen Fitzgerald Senior Center in Monroe, NC to help update and refresh the Union County Senior Games logo. The North Carolina Senior Games is a holistic health promotion program, for persons 50 years of age and better, in all 100 counties of our state offering both athletics and the Silver Arts.
 It was felt that the current logo, that had been in use for 10 years, had become outdated and antiquated. Another concern was that the logo needed to be adaptable to a variety of print and digital media. Our goal was to build a new visual identity that incorporated both Union County and Parks & Rec. into the logo while still being specific to the Senior Games.
The designs below where pitched but in the end were unused.

The logo above takes inspiration from the overall experience of the participants. A star was adopted to signify how these games embodied an active lifestyle for the participants and that each participant is a star in their own right for showing up strong and participating. A traditional serif font was used to establish authority and reinforce the idea of strength to the logo. Varying weights were applied to create visual hierarchy so that the "subject" (The United Senior Games) stood out, while the who (Union County and Monroe Parks and Rec.) created balance. The use of red and blue creates a sense of solidarity and dignity which will resonate with the target audience of Union County Seniors ages 50+.

The logo is designed in a way that is easily translatable between both print and digital media. The visual symbol and word mark form a balanced lock up and can be used independently from one another in certain instances where the full lock up is not practical.

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